The Wishing Museum
Design and concept: Anqi Pan   |   Location: 2801 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles
We all have wishes for the future. Making a wish is the first step of having your wish come true. The Wishing Museum shows how people make wishes around the world. Visitors can experience different methods of making a wish, such as wishing on a star, a sky lantern, a wishbone, a dandelion… Let’s make a wish in The Wishing Museum.
The idea comes from making a wish upon a star. It’s a combination of star trial and handwriting “W.”
Ticket & Wish Wall 
There is a wishbone in the ticket. The museum staff and visitors will tear apart the ticket together. Visitors can get the bigger part of the wishbone and make a wish. Then they can share their wishes by writing down the wishes at the back of the ticket and pin it on the Wishwall.

Museum Ticket

Wish Wall

Museum Building

Museum Poster

Museum Product: Wishbone Chocolate & Wishbone

Museum Product: Wishing Crane/Star Paper, Wishing Jar, Postcards

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