The theme of our gift box is “月下聚珍 人间齐乐”. We let JD’s IP JOY&DOGA Family act as museum guide. Each of them picked a treasure which related to the Mid-autumn Festival from the Palace Museum. And wearing traditional costumes to introduce the folk customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
JOY’s cloting comes from the emperor’s dress for the moon sacrifice ceremony. The moon white color extracted from the dress also become the main color for the gift box packaging design. JOY represents JD,  loves science. So the treasure we picked for him is the Moon Phases Demonstrator from the Palace Museum. And let JOY introduce to us how ancient Chinese scientist research on the changes of the moon phases.
Our gift box content a blind box, a moon cup, 4 tea bags, 6 pieces of mooncake and a treasure introduction pamphlet. The main color of the packaging is the moon white color. On the cover is the outline silhouette of the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City with a huge Full moon. On the full moon is an illustration of JOY&DOGA Family. We use the foil stamping and gravure printing to add more details to the cover design. The outer shell is made by PVC, which adds a layer of soft-focus filter effect to the full moon.  And makes the gift box more mysterious.

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