This is a poster designed for SOSO LTD lectures in MICA. SOSO LTD is a company try to combine design and technology. I like the color palette they chose for their website. So I screen shot their website home page. Then makes it like a glitch art picture and use it as the background. And I also adjust the type one by one to make it pare with the background. 
Emma Watson's speech, "He for She" makes me realize that the feminist movement has relieved many women of heavy shackles. But our society is still dominated by men. And sex discrimination still exists in our society and fetters the modern women.
This poster is designed for immigrant and international student who were moved from China to America. The two question mark indicates China and America. They overlap together to become a big map pin. The map pin indicates the question “Where is my home?”.
This poster is designed for immigrant and international student who moved out from their own country and feel like they are not belongs to both countries.
This is the data visualization poster of Gender Headlines in New York times and Wall Street Journal of 2016. I collected the data with 7 pairs of keywords like man, woman, he, she, dad, mom… The poster has been divided into two parts. The left is for women, and the right is for men. The bar chart shows the mention times of each gender in the headlines. And it is arranged with the timeline of 12 months. I also select and show one headline with one keyword for each month.
The work is a data visualization of the fireworks I set off in the Lunar New Year. In China, my hometown Hunan province is famous for produce variety and high-quality fireworks. Fireworks plays a significant role in our celebration of Lunar New Year. I illustrate five kinds of fireworks and arrange them according to their flying range. The number at the top of the illustrations shows how high they fly. The text under the pictures shows the firework’s name, duration time, how to play, and my story with them. 

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