Our logo is based on a cube shape. Cause “Fang”(meaning “cube”in Chinese) sounds quite similar to the English word “fun”. We use the outline of a cube and a transparent English typeface to emphasize the sense of space. We hope to highlight the theme of this offline campaign with three-dimentional graphics. This cube looks like an express box, which is simple outside but all-inclusive inside. If you take part in our event and open the box, you will find joy and surprise.

We imitate the products in convenience stores and use the popular expressions on the internet to design the gift package. They are all blind boxes which can bring players more mystery and fun.
This is an exercise,a bike racing game. The faster the game player rides,the faster the number of the blocks in front of the screen grows. The person who fills the sceen first  in 1−minute wins. We combine the classic gym sports with game to help players relax during the exercise.
We make some LED light plates with some common negative energy words on them and put the plates on a wall. The lights will turn on one by one so that the players can put them out with their hands. We want to use this game to enhance the positive emotions of the players and help them overcome their negative energy in daily life.
THROW AWAY is a place where you can dump the negative energy. We design a huge trash can lighting device. The “garbage ”in it is a transparent acrylic box wrapped in colorful plastic bags. We design 6 different styles of plastic bags. Five of them have negative energy slogans printed on them. One of them has the words “I DONT’ WANT” printed on it. And we leave a blank after   the words “I DONT’ WANT” so that the players can write down their negative energy in it. This game can help players throw away their negative energy.

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