Midtown Academy is a diverse community that united students, teachers, parents together as a big family. In the morning; they will have a community activity that is joint hands together and perform the school song. When they are singing their school song, their hands go up and go down. We were inspired by this morning activity of the jointing together of the hands, and based on this activity we’ve developed a base mark. 
Dynamic Identity
We developed a dynamic identity. Our core visual identity mark has come from this complex grid. And from this grid, we are able to make countless variations. The logo will morph shapes and colors to express diversity and creativity. Each class will have their own unique mark, which will accompany them from entrance to the academy to their graduation. As you can see nothing is literal. However, this form suggests the breathe of life. They suggest, for example flower forms, snowflake, molecule, and the sun.

Letterhead & Envelope

Letterhead & Envelope
For the letterhead design,  we’ve isolated visual elements to the top of the page so that the letter could clearly separated from that. Additionally, we aligned the midtown academy name with the margin to create a strong internal structure. The back of the letter combines the dynamic logos. So when you open the envelope, the fist thing you will see is those beautiful logos which signifies all of the life inside of the school. When we were composing the envelope, we have designed in such way they create a triangular motion has a nice movement.

Business card


These are the achievement that to celebrate the attendance of individual classes, so we bring in the original mark that was established for that particular class.


Door Plate & Student Cubbie Label

In Midtown Academey, for the younger students, the teacher will go to their classroom and have class. For middle school students, the students need to go to the specific subject classroom. So we separated the plate into two parts and devised a mechanism to hold the simple cards, that could be just dropped in. they could be easily changed.

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